What does a Richmond trauma therapist’s office look like?

Richmond EMDR trauma therapist office

What does an EMDR Therapist’s office look like?

Come on a little office tour with me. While therapy does not require any fancy office equipment it is important that you feel comfortable in your therapist’s office. I strive to create a relaxing environment in which talking about your story feels secure and welcoming.

The environment in which therapy takes place is so important, especially when engaging in trauma treatment. The reason for that is actually quite simple. The only way your mind and body are going to allow to process and healing the information that causes distress is when it can trust that the environment is safe.

This means eliminating any potential triggers so your conscious and unconscious mind can relax into the moment without having to scan the environment for danger. Plus sitting criss cross or in any position that feels good to your body also allows you to be more present while honoring your bodies needs.

Therapy without shoes?

Grounding also called Earthing

While it may seem unfamiliar to take off your shoes in your therapist’s office it is done with purpose.

Not wearing shoes can help you become more aware of your body. When your feet touch the ground without having a barrier of rubber in-between and the confinement of a shoe, connecting to the ground underneath becomes easier. Although, as far as I know, there have been no studies done on the efficacy of wearing shoes vs. no shoes within therapy, other studies have shown that grounding through the feet, also called earthing, is beneficial. Study’s have suggested that being disconnected from the earth may be a contributor to physical and mental distress (Chevalier et. al, 2012).

Hence please take your shoes off and get comfortable!

Also, in our time together we may utilize the office floor for exercises and keeping shoes off allows for a much cleaner environment.

Why Singing Bowls?

I usually incorporate at least one mindfulness or meditation exercise into every session. Using the sound of a singing bowl to end a meditation assists in relaxing the nervous system of the body and tunes your body.

Being uniquely you is what we are going for!

Being different means allowing yourself to discover who you are and shaping your world around you. When I first opened my office, I was concerned that becoming a shoeless office was going to distract client’s from wanting to come see me. But I took a leap of faith! Based on my own therapy style and the research mentioned above, it made sense to have a shoe policy. While I know my office etiquette is not for everyone, I’d like it to call to the individuals that feel trapped in their relationships as a challenge to discover what works for them.

What makes you unique?

Feeling stuck in not living one’s own potential or not knowing how to address a relationship challenge with co-dependency, love addiction, or trauma is paralyzing. Taking little steps towards being yourself can be freeing and empowering.

Bottom line is, acknowledge your needs and take baby steps towards your freedom. If this sounds too much to do alone, I can help!

So I encourage you to take off your shoes and walk in the dirt or come and ask me for a free consultation.