And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anais Nin

Individual EMDR Therapy

Whether its issues from your past, or current stressors that overwhelm you, there’s a reason you’re here. You want an outlet, a safe place to unload the burdens you carry. Imagine moving out of this pain with a compassionate ally supporting you to claim your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.

You are tired of spinning your wheels and repeating old patterns. You are ready to live your life without the consequences of trauma, childhood experiences, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, phobias, dissociation, and addiction.

What are Trauma and PTSD?

Trauma can be defined as something happening that overwhelmed you – an event that happened too much, too fast, too soon – and there was not enough time to integrate the experience.

A trauma response can happen through a one-time event also called big “T” or hard trauma (car accident, rape, surgeries, birth trauma, etc.), soft trauma or little “t” (prolonged physiological or emotional abuse, etc.), or vicarious trauma, exposure through witnessing or listening, to trauma experienced by someone else.

Trauma can manifest as physical symptoms such as flashbacks, chronic emotional and physical pain, irritation, and anger. Depending on your experience you may also feel shame and guilt along with feeling that “something is wrong with you, or you are broken.” Untreated trauma causes havoc in your system as physical and emotional responses deplete your inner resources.

Without professional help, it can be impossible to process what has happened to address this deeper level of stuck defense mechanisms and destructive coping strategies. The good news, you are not your trauma response, and you can step into integration and healing.

Taking the First Step Into Action

As an EMDRIA trained EMDR therapist I specialize in working with clients experiencing pain from one-time traumatic events as well as adverse situations as far back as they can remember. My individual work with you will always be focused on your needs and goals and held in the highest confidentiality.

In individual sessions, I offer clients different ways to work towards healing. In every one of these approaches, you can expect the integration of mindfulness, part work (inner child work), as well as somatic experiencing. I offer 90-minute weekly and intensive EMDR sessions. By client request, I also offer a more experiential approach focused therapy model integrating Expressive Writing for Trauma, and Kundalini Yoga into the therapeutic process.

Areas of Expertise Include

  • Anxiety (Excessive Worry, Excessive Fears, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Toxic Thought Patterns)
  • Trauma Symptoms (Recurring nightmares and flashbacks, chronic emotional and physical pain, irritation, anger, numbness, and being on edge)
  • Attachment Wounding (adverse childhood events, neglect, abuse)
  • Loss and Grief
  • Increasing sense of self-worth
  • Gaining clarity of life’s purpose
  • Managing Stress
  • Pre-/Postnatal Anxiety & Birth Trauma
  • Sexual Abuse/Rape/Incest
  • PTSD/C-PTSD/Secondary Trauma
  • Addiction Recovery Support/Codependency